After much waiting we at last have a treatment plan!  Initally the doctors had refered Bill for paliative radiation only, but when we finally got to meet with a radiation oncologist she was amazed at how well he was doing and recommended a much more aggressive treatment.  We were very happy to hear it!!  As the doctor we were initally refered to is heading off on vacation we were transfered to Dr. Abe Alexander, who incidently was a high school friend of mine.  He has spent a lot of time answering our questions and put a rush on the process allowing Bill to begin treatment more quickly then anticipated.  Bill is scheduled to begin radiation and chemotherapy later this week.  Radiation will take place 5 days a week for 6 weeks in addition to daily chemotherapy for the same 6 weeks followed by monthly chemo for 6 months.  We are expecting this to be a challenging time as the radiation apparently causes swelling in the brain making the symptoms worse.  I am envisioning something similar to the days immediately post biopsy but hoping that it will not be as severe.
The big fight begins now and we are feeling ready!  We know the next few months will difficult but the love and support we are receiving keeps our spirits high. 
Thank you again to everyone who has offered help.  We appreciate it more than you know.  Please keep the healing vibes coming our way.  We are convinced they are helping!

Lisa Lafrance
8/15/2011 12:50:25 am

Sending healing vibes from our entire family!

Chris Marion
8/15/2011 02:00:21 am

Bill, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. It made my day to read your post about your new treatment plan. I am sure you are gonna do great!
Looking forward to getting together for a beer again at some point!

All the best, Chris.

Warren Randle
8/15/2011 02:13:46 am

We are praying for you and your whole family, Bill.You're going to beat this because you took care of yourself and you're tough.Some of my cancer colleagues who had a much larger radiation regimen than me likened it to a long distance race where it got exhausting near the end.This is YOUR Game, Bill, where you get to beat this thing down for everyone to see. Like your friend says,"YOU'RE BILL F-ING Hann!"

Laura Lancaster
8/15/2011 11:16:03 pm

So encouraging to hear there is a plan in place, and that Bill is strong going in. It will be a long road ahead- a determined guy, and a huge support team by your side. Maureen, you are incredibly strong and brave. So great to know our medical system is there when you need it. We are sending all our positive vibes from the other side of Canada. Thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Laura and family xo

Helen (Turner) Werbicki
8/15/2011 11:18:26 pm

Praying for you, Bill, and for your family. You're constantly in our thoughts.

Clive Scott
8/16/2011 02:34:43 am

Hello Bill and Maureen,

We are thrilled to hear about the change in the treatment plan, and continue to be inspired by the immense courage of both of you. You are daily in our thoughts and prayers and as always we are there for anything if you need us. I have every confidence that the two of you will BEAT this awful thing!

Zoltan Miklos
8/16/2011 02:53:33 am

Hi Bill & Maureen & kids;

My wife and I are still praying for you for a complete recovery. I just had a guy in the right seat who had brain cancer and was operated on two years ago. He's still on disability but he's back riding his bicycle and running. I would never have guessed he had gone through what he did. So there is hope. Blessings

Christy Waisman
8/16/2011 06:41:47 am

You're in our thoughts. Keep fighting and we'll keep sending the healing vibes.

Sam Brennan
8/16/2011 09:39:51 am

Wonderful news, glad to hear you are about to begin treatment Bill! Lots of love and prayers from the Brennan Family. Stay strong and have faith. You are in my thoughts daily. Thank you for the updates. If there is anything you need please call me 403-619-1481.

Joyce Leadbeater
8/16/2011 10:32:09 pm

Jusst to let you know that you are on the very top of my prayer list and remain there till you've kicked this. Love to you and your beautiful family.

Sommer Family
8/17/2011 11:47:25 am

Hi Bill and Maureen,

The entire Sommer clan is praying for you.
Talk to you soon


Kendra Laidlaw
8/17/2011 12:31:56 pm

Sending you positive thoughts and healing energy. Thinking of your whole family Maureen and wishing you all the best!

Christine and Herman Kwan.
8/17/2011 05:19:02 pm

Our thoughts are with you Maureen. Please let us know if you ever need anything - we're not nearby anymore, but if Bill or yourself ever need to talk to a physician...even just to bounce stuff off...call...604-538-5688.

Dan O'Brien
8/18/2011 10:51:25 am

Hey Bill,

There is now way you could remember me as it was a long time ago that you and I worked the dock together at Harbour Air.

Anyway, it's still a small world and you are a big man in it! Hoping and wishing for only and all good things for you!

Best wishes!

Mandy & Dan

Andrew & Laura Hamber
8/20/2011 03:18:50 am

Hey Bill,

Laura and I are wishing you guys all the best and our thoughts and good vibes are for you.

Andrew & Laura

Justin Wilson and Family
8/20/2011 04:15:32 pm

Hi Bill,
I find myself thinking and hoping the best for you often. A great many are pulling for you my friend.

Mark and Pauline Jones
8/23/2011 01:05:49 pm

Bill - You and your beautiful family are in our daily thoughts and we will continue to send you healing energy. We also send you love and a sense of peace to surround you and carry you.

Mark and Pauline

Kristi Norberg
8/23/2011 09:18:37 pm

My thoughts are with you both during this incredibly challenging time! My husband received the same radiation this past May/June over in Vancouver, if we can help in any way or if you ever want to talk to someone sharing a similar experience please don't hesitate to email or call Maureen!! Lots of hugs to you both, I am certain you are finding reserves of strength that you never knew existed in you! Aaron and I continue to send all positive thoughts your way!

Jordy Koski
8/25/2011 07:56:50 am

sending some good vibes from Toronto!!

Yushy Wallace
8/26/2011 05:41:45 am

Hi Maureen,
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.Take care

David Pobran
8/26/2011 11:35:54 am

Bill, it goes without saying that the whole Westjet family is behind you! It's where we really shine. Lean on us! beat this!

Take care,

Jack Sorensen
8/27/2011 12:33:10 am

Bill, our thoughts and prayers to you and your wonderful family. You will beat this. God Bless you and yours.

Take care,

Colin and Mamick
8/27/2011 03:27:53 pm

Great news to hear things are showing promise. Our thoughts are with you "pork"....

Chris Hui
8/28/2011 12:56:38 pm

Bill! You've been in my thoughts often in the last few weeks. I have great memories of when you were my neighbour and wanting to join WestJet...you realized that wish and now I can tell that you are truly rising to this challenge! Difficult times bring out amazing things in people and I know you have that sort of spirit! Sending you every ounce of positive energy I can...


Linda Keyser
8/28/2011 02:12:42 pm

Bill, I have known you for many years now and think of your progress daily...wishing you and your family all the best in your oh so positive recovery...keep on fighting!

Denise Clowater
8/29/2011 01:44:05 am

Bill sending you and your family much love and healing on this journey! Thanks again for the rollerblade wheels on my suitcase! If I can be of service in any way please let me know. Peace and blessings, denise clowater (wj f/a)

Jamie Molloy
8/29/2011 06:01:54 am

Bill - I know you will get through this and I am glad to hear things are progressing well. Everyone is thinking about you buddy!

Joanna (Kiss) Snow
9/3/2011 12:46:35 pm

Thinking all good thoughts for you and your family as you get through this battle.

cec sampert
9/6/2011 02:54:54 am

Hi Bill, wishing you the very best during your treatment. I often think of you and how glad I was to have hired you at Harbour Air and the quality you brought to work everyday. I will be keeping in touch with your website for more positive results!


Bill Goddard
9/8/2011 03:38:48 am

Megan and I think of you daily, sending positive energy your way!


Paul Roach
9/12/2011 02:54:19 pm

Hi Bill!

We think of you and your family every day and send you the positive vibes from all over the map when I'm doing what we do :)

As always, if there is ANYTHING I can do for you or Maureen - just call!

You'll get this one beat, I just know it.
"Set thrust" brother Bill!


Becky Wright
9/14/2011 06:53:13 am

Hi Bill and Maureen,

Still thinking of you guys everyday. I hope treatment is going well.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Elizabeth Lunn
9/17/2011 03:26:23 am

Maureen and Bill:

I send you bouquets of hugs with strength intermingled between the daisies. Your incredible steadfastness and drive to beat this challenge in your life is admirable. Love to your family. Wish I was closer to help you out. I often wonder why such great people are faced with such adversity.
Stay positive.
Lots of good wishes are sent your way
Elizabeth Lunn


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