This marks an important date in our fight against this nasty disease.  Today, for the first time since before the biopsy surgery Bill has written his own progress post!  We are celebrating the fact that slowly but surely the ability to read and write are returning.

Well here I am and definitely heading in the right direction as I am now able to compose and type the blog by myself.  That should make for more frequent blog entries and updates to what’s happening in our world.

I know it’s been quite some time since we’ve made a blog entry but hopefully that will change with my ‘new’ skills.  It’s the end of February, the 26th today.  I am finding that the hardest part is finding the occasional character on the keyboard but otherwise the reading I’ve been doing, although challenging and a bit slow at times, is proving beneficial.    Have having the ability to communicate via the blog will be a big advantage and I will won’t have to get Maureen to do it all.

So what’s been happening in our world for the past couple months?  Well, monthly Chemo is still a reality for five days each month.  We have figured out a system and other than added fatigue at Chemo time, things haven’t been too bad for the five days during Chemo each month.  Confusion with certain things is still an issue but we attribute some of that to the medication but hope that decreases with a reduction in that medication over time.

Generally I feel pretty good.  I try and get out for a walk every day barring the occasional day when the weather is so bad that I can’t.  This is Victoria though so there’s usually some time during the day that going for a walk is possible and yesterday was beautiful out.

That’s all for today but standby for the next issue.