Bill finished his radiation and chemotherapy last Friday.  The days feel strangely empty now that they are not filled with appointments but it is nice to have some quiet time at home while the kids are at school.  We have a month of 'recovery' time before possibly starting chemotherapy again.  Bill has an MRI scheduled for the end of October at which point we hope to have a sense of whether the treatment to date has reduced the size of the tumour and from there decide where to go next.  Right now we are trying to wean Bill off as many of the medications as possible, a process that takes several weeks. 
Bill is finding the days right now quite tough.  He is often tired and small tasks are challenging.  It is incredibly difficult for him to constantly feel confused yet still have an awareness that he isn't able to do the things that he could before.  We are just taking things day by day. 
Thank you everyone for your continued support.  I read Bill all the emails and messages that are sent and I know he appreciates that people take the time and are thinking of him.