We are feeling completely overwhelmed by the incredible hard work, support and generosity of our friends and family.  It is impossible to express in words our appreciation for all that has been done for us.  Fighting an ongoing illness is exhausting but Friday’s event left both Bill and I feeling refreshed and ready to continue the fight!  It is  amazing the impact that support has on one's state of mind.  
It is impossible to fully understand all the emotions and challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis until you live it.  I have a new respect and understanding for people who have gone through similar experiences and I know firsthand how important it is to have a support network. I sincerely hope no one else ever has to face this but please know that in the event someone we know does, we will be the first people ready to help.

Bill finishes his 6th round of chemo tonight.  Each round seems increasingly difficult and makes him more and more tired but we are hoping he will bounce back again in a week or so.  Technically this is the last chemo he is to receive. BC only covers 6 months of chemo for glioblastoma, unlike some of the other provinces which cover 12 months. Dr. McGhie, our main oncologist who has been extremely supportive,  is requesting to have Bill’s chemo
treatment extended as he has responded well to treatment showing several months of tumor regression, and most recently a stable MRI.  

So, on we go...

Thank you again to all who donated gifts and attended the event on Friday and many many thanks to Allison Benson, Penny Lloyd, Meredith Moll, Ian Gracie, Harbour Air, and Westjet for your work in putting it all together and for your continued support!

4/4/2012 11:25:24 am

The event sounded amazing and I was not happy that I could not make it. I am also very inspired by your comments - the power of positivity is truly amazing and you both have that renewed. Keep fighting the fight.

4/4/2012 04:28:45 pm

It was great seeing you, Bill, and meeting your wife Maureen for the first time.I hope you can get more treatment , especially if your numbers are going in the right direction.I'm in stage two of 3 lines of chemo and it is really working, but if I have to stop for side effects or any other reason, it is very hard to get back on so I hope I don't run into anything me or my family can't endure.It was a lovely evening, --talking about people and airplanes and telling jokes-- and I came away with a lot of hope for the future and a lot of appreciation to have worked for such a great company.I'm at the cancer centre for radiation on April 11 in case you're up to taking a call. your friends-- Warren, Nora, Jacqueline, shannon, and Clara. May God bless and take care.

Scott Stamp
4/10/2012 12:04:42 pm

So great to see you Bill and to meet Maureen for the first time on Friday. The evening was like a family reunion in so many ways. You made Colin and I crack up with the "Pork" line there Bill. We had just been talking about that. Very funny.

Again, so good to see you and be well my friend.


carmen morris
4/23/2012 10:48:30 am

We have never met but I wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you. My brother (Ed) had the same cancer. I know how difficult it was on my sister-law and all of us. He was a pilot for over 20 years and had retired four years before he discovered the cancer. Sometimes we never can understand why God does what he does...hopefully one day I will know. I wish you the best and keep up the FIGHT. My brother fought like a warrior.

Armen Leon Jakjakian
4/24/2012 04:44:20 pm

Hello Bill,

here's a challenge for you, try and remember me from, what, 20 years ago! We were classmates in SMUS in our final year. Helen Turner-Werbicki just found me on Facebook and told me of your blog and here I am, sending you my very warmest regards all the way from Dubai.

Though I haven't met Maureen, it's clear that you found yourself that lovely and special other half and I salute her strong and steadfast approach to all of this. As for you, well, I recall you were one tough son of a gun, so I'm not surprised at all that you're begining to beat this tumor as I read in the latest blog.

Keep your heads up, both of you, and I look forward to more positive news whenever I drop in to check out your blogs. My hopes, prayers and best wishes to all of you.



Shannon Tran
5/20/2012 04:15:39 pm

Hi Bill, I just want to say that your handsome grade 10 school picture sits on my bulletin board at work and I'm thinking about you every day. I wish you and your beautiful family continued strength. I am really glad that you have taken the time to keep posting when you can.


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9/13/2012 06:17:35 am

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