It has been a long time since I posted an update about Bill because for a long time we had settled into a routine of our new normal and did not have a lot to report.  Bill continued to have stable MRIs and slowly but surely worked towards recovery.  We took advantage of his increased energy and general improved health and headed off on a few weekend get aways through the summer enjoying time in Saltspring, Whistler and Parksville.  Bill even managed a trip to the Queen Charlottes with his good friend Graham, a place he had always wanted to visit again since flying there early in his career.  September brought a return to school for the kids, work for me, and fabulous weather for Bill to enjoy!  One of the biggest challenges for Bill through this period of time was ongoing back pain.  A side effect of one of Bill's medications is a loss of bone strength and this resulted in Bill developing multiple compression fractures in his spine.  Just as the inital ones seemed to be improving new fractures occurred causing very severe pain. 
Unfortunately, Bill's most recent MRI in mid October showed new tumour growth.  This, combined with the intense back pain which we have been unable to control at home led to Bill being admitted to the hospital last week.  Throughout the week in hospital Bill's tumour related symptoms have become much more pronounced so the doctors have recommended he remain admitted where they are best able to control his pain and monitor changes. He has just started on a new medication called Avastin and we are cautiously hopeful that we will begin to see some improvement and be able to get him back home.  For now we remain in a waiting game.   
Ingrid mcDougall
11/8/2012 02:16:02 pm

You are all in our thoughts and prayers and we continue to wish for positive news for Bill.
Ingrid & Greg

11/8/2012 02:28:05 pm

Thank you for posting Maureen. Very happy that you all had such good summer. Positive energy to you this month to get Bill home!

11/8/2012 03:19:01 pm

Thanks for posting, Maureen. You two have been through so much. Keep up the fight. xoxo

11/8/2012 03:26:49 pm

Sending healing Karma to Bill, and strenght Karma to you and the kids Maureen.

Emily Mouat
11/8/2012 07:31:32 pm

Hugs to you and your family Maureen, we hope Bill gets home again soon.

Robyn Hooper
11/8/2012 11:02:21 pm

My thoughts are with you and your family. Wishing the absolute best for Bill.

11/9/2012 12:34:39 am

Thank you for keeping us all updated. It is such a roller coaster. I am thinking of you and hoping for all to go well.

11/9/2012 02:00:48 am

Best to you all - always thinking of you and your brood.

11/12/2012 07:32:52 am

Hey Maureen, thinking about you and Bill and the whole family. Much love from Toronto

11/12/2012 08:23:50 am

Thanks for posting Maureen! We were just talking about Bill yesterday on the plane and everyone has been wondering how you've been doing. I hope the new medication works out. Back fractures sounds horrible. Please let him know that everyone at WJ is thinking about you guys and that we miss him!


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