And the MRI is complete.  It is the first very critical stage towards planning their attack on this tumour.  The MRI itself was strait forward – they put you in the MRI tube and slide you down inside for about 45 minutes while they take pictures.  The machine is surprisingly loud – it’s like having a jackhammer cycling on and off as it takes pictures of the body and, more specifically for me, my brain.

 Obviously what we’re after is information.  So far it is preliminary but Dr. Hentschel was kind enough to call us after the MRI to give us his take.  As I mentioned the other day Dr. Hentschel is the Head of Neurosurgery in Victoria and will factor prominently as he and his team determine how they proceed with  their attack against this tumor.  We are still in the early stages but each piece of information gets us closer to the final treatment plan.  Next will be a careful analysis of the MRI followed by the biopsy which should take place around the 25th of July. 

So for us this means that we have a lot of work ahead.  There is no doubt that this is serious business – brain cancer is tricky and there are a lot of intricate factors playing out.  This cancer surrounds a lot of critical parts of the brain and early indications say that it will be a matter of managing the disease as opposed to curing it all together. 

Emotionally I would say that I’m in a pretty good place.  The support that has been offered by friends and family is unbelievable and we’re going to take the bulls by the horns.

Henrik Ryan
7/16/2011 05:23:20 pm

Been down this very same road with a friend of mine, Bill. Prognosis were grim. But through a very determined battle and a good dose of courage and grit she has now passed the managing status to almost cured!

Never give up! Me and Nicole are praying for you and yours, and if there's anything we can help with let us know!

Keep believing!!!


7/19/2011 11:11:01 am

Thinking about you guys every day, and sending every bit of positive energy your way. You two are strong and determined, and as Bill says, I have no doubt that you will take the bull by the horns. Day by day.

And know you have lots of people around to help out with the daily tasks of life. I'm serious that I will take on cleaning the van, Maureen!

hugs to you all,

Laura and family

11/28/2022 01:59:11 am

Hello mate greeat blog post


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