Thank you again to everyone who offers words of encouragement – I cannot tell you how much we value that. 

I felt good today.   We did meet with one of the doctors today but there was not a great deal of new information.  After a bit of sugar-coating we got to the point that there is a big tumour and yes it will not be the easiest to remove but we’d pretty much determined that already.   I’m hoping that tomorrow’s meeting with the next neurosurgeon should be a bit more informative.  That will lead to the follow up appointment with that same neurosurgeon on Friday and we hope for more details at that point.

In the meantime I have to get to the mountain of paperwork.  Getting sick requires a lot of work and a sharp pencil.

In all of this Maureen has been tasked with the job of wife, mother, appointment scheduler and everything else that will be falling on her plate as we proceed.  I cannot imagine having to go this with anyone else and her courage and poise have already been demonstrated front and centre.
Anne Fomo
7/12/2011 06:37:43 am

Dear William,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family at this difficult time.

Take care,

Love, Auntie Anne and Vic


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