Hooray!  After six long days in the hospital recovering from the biopsy the doctors allowed Bill to come home.  It took a bit of begging and promises that I would have lots of help and support but in the end they agreed! Part of the deal to allow me to bring Bill home was that we receive 'home care support'.  I had no idea exactly what this meant at the time.  As Bill wasn't walking well at the hospital the physical and occupational therapists appear to have ordered one of everything from Red Cross so we have a truck load of equipment to help Bill navigate around the house.  Fortunately his ability to move has recovered so most of it is currently stored out of the way. In addition, I believe almost every possible health care worker in Victoria has now visited or phoned our home.  We have a 24 hour quick response team, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, home care nursing, counselling, the cancer clinic, the hospice society, the list goes on....it is hard to imagine how many people are involved in making this happen.  The resources are incredible and the staff who have come to check on us have been wonderful.  
A few days after returning home we received the result of the biospy.  Unfortunately it was not what we were hoping for.  Bill has been diagnosed with a type of brain cancer called Glioblastoma (GBM).  It is one of the nastiest ones out there. We will be meeting with an oncologist to determine the recommended path of treatment next week.  In the mean time we are researching a variety of newer therapies and clinical trials offered in centers around the world.  
Overall Bill has improved enormously from the days after the biopsy.  He is feeling well but is still limited in what he can do as the tumour has affected his language processing center resulting in a loss of ability to read and write.  We are hoping this will improve when treatment begins and pressure on this senstive area is further reduced. 
We continue to be overwhelmed by the support we are receiving from friends and family.  Thank you does not begin to cover it.  We would not be getting through this without you.  We are enjoying this time of 'relative' calm before treatment begins as we know the hardest part is still ahead of us! 

David Baker
8/5/2011 07:50:12 pm


It's a horrible thing that is happening but you will beat it. Sarah & I have been through this over the past few years when my ex-wife got aggressive breast cancer. She beat it and I know in my heart that you will beat this too. You are a fighter and I know that you and you're family will win this fight. Stay strong and you will prevail. If you need anything at all, anything, just call me. 250.886.9296

You're Bill Effn Hann. Everyone loves you.

David Baker

Fritz Reuter
8/6/2011 12:35:01 am

Welcome home :-)
The first step in your recovery has begun.There will be other steps to be taken, but you are home now and that is the beginning of your recovery . Keep your chin up, i am not sure when i be back on the islands but call me anytime .Fritz

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ......

Henrik Ryan
8/6/2011 01:19:35 am

In this tragic situation I have to say that you as a family are showing an impressive courage and bravery! This is exactly what will beat this beast of an illness!

Our thoughts are constantly with you guys and we know you guys will beat this!!!


Pete LeDrew
8/6/2011 05:18:13 am

Bill and Family,
From our family to yours, our thoughts and prayers are with you. It was such a pleasure to catch a lift in your jump seat a few months ago and catch up on old times and learn of the new ones. You hadn't changed a bit skipper. With a loving family and so many friends around you to support you, there's no doubt that you will prevail and beat this illness. Reading though the other messeges I think Mr Baker said it best. We are all here for ya, don't hesitate if there is anything we can do. Take care buddy.

Henrik Ryan
8/6/2011 06:31:05 am

I have some very good information that a friend of mine sent me today that I would like to give you guys. If you are interested please send me an e-mail so I can forward it to you.

His wife is an almost cured brain-cancer success story and they want me to share the information they used with you.


Brad Jacobson
8/6/2011 12:20:44 pm

Dear Bill and Maureen,

I haven't had the pleasure of working with you yet Bill...I certainly hope to have that pleasure soon. In the meantime my family and I will be keeping you and your family in our prayers.

God bless you all during this time,

Brad Jacobson

David and Carolyn
8/6/2011 09:52:56 pm

Dear Bill and Maureen: Although we have never me we wish to express that
our love, support and prayers are with you and your family as you battle this horrible disease. My husband is presently on chemo for CLL - please stay positive and enjoy each day as it comes. Look forward to meeting you soon as the Pilot on our WJ flight from Halifax to Calgary!
PS We think it's the only airline to fly on:):)
Much Happinness to you and your family,
David and Carolyn

Terry and Erin and Aiden Kilcommons
8/6/2011 11:17:13 pm

Dear Bill an Maureen
Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and all your family, your a strong person Bill , you'll get through this as so many others have , I look forward to having another visit with you online asap.Take care and God Bless

Neil Aird
8/6/2011 11:24:05 pm

Dear Bill and Maureen.

Thanks for keeping us up to speed Maureen, and for your love and care.

Needless to say Bill, I'm sitting on your wing keeping an eye on you lad.

I'm expecting some turbulence along the way, but know there is a way through this "stuff".

Uncle Neil

Jordy Koski
8/7/2011 01:20:47 am

hey Bill, thinking about you and your family; Maureen, thanks for the update. Much love, Jordy

John Olafson
8/7/2011 01:34:54 am

WestJet flies over me every morning as I am out walking at 7AM right on time and I think of you Bill. You and Maureen have tremendous courage and we are all praying for your recovery. Get well Bill.


Warren Randle
8/7/2011 02:50:14 am

Bill, I'm so glad you're out of the hospital during this great weather.Being home helps a person better appreciate and enjoy the most important things in life.This will be the best and most powerful part of your successful treatment -- which has already started.Maureen, thankyou for keeping everybody updated.May your entire family enjoy this beautiful day.Your friends, Warren Nora and girls.

Chris Koski
8/7/2011 04:40:56 am

Bill, the old Saltspring neighbours are cheering for you! It's been way too long since we've spoken but heard the news from your mom to my mom and I wanted to reach out and let you know I'm thinking about you. Hard to believe it was so many years ago we were on Lees Hill and now you have kids about the same age as we were. Wishing you and your family all the best for a speedy recovery. Chris

Jasie Leekha
8/7/2011 07:05:18 am

Bill, Maureen, Thinking of you guys, and how strong you have been throughout all of this, sending my best wishes from London. Jasie

Arnie Shakotko
8/7/2011 10:46:44 am

Bill, I am not sure if our paths have crossed at work or not, however my thoughts are for you and your family at this time. Thank-you for sharing with your WestJet family so we can support you in our prayers. Your positive spirit will go along way to overcome the trials ahead.

Derek Mansfield
8/7/2011 01:49:59 pm

Hey Bill !

I was just directed to your website and blog... I wanted to just send a quick note to wish you all the very best..it's a very difficult thing to face, but I liked what Dave Baker wrote ! Us YYJ CSA's are sending you every positive thought !!
Best wishes !


Neil Rodermond
8/7/2011 02:22:03 pm

It sounds like you have great support from your family and friends. Stay strong and positive.
All the best,

Alexandra Oliver
8/7/2011 02:58:07 pm

I just want you to know that you have a huge and special place in my thoughts. Every day, I project positive energy and hope your way. You and your family have demonstrated such grace and courage in the face of this and if you continue to live so beautifully, your recovery will be a success too. I still remember your bright, shining smile and spirit from high school, Bill. I know you have the strength and positivity to beat this! All my love to you, your beautiful wife and children. xoxo Alex

Justin and Gorana Wilson
8/8/2011 02:22:14 am

“The gem cannot be polished without friction, not a man perfected without trials.”
Our family is thinking of yours.

Dustin Appleton
8/8/2011 03:08:29 am

I think it's been about 11 years since we were working the dock at HA. How time flies. I hope you and your family can find strength in the many friends and co-workers who are all pulling for you. Keep your chin up and stay strong. We're all with you.

Chad Wetsch
8/8/2011 11:26:57 am

hello bill and maureen,

Bill I have known you for about 14 years and I know you can beat this. You are driven to win and succeed and this is no different. Thinking of you daily.

Stay strong my friend and if you need anything let me know.


Helen (Turner) Werbicki
8/8/2011 12:57:44 pm

Hey Bill,

Haven't been in touch since the SMU reunion, but James got in touch with a bunch of us. I'll try to get a package off to you guys next week.

Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you. My friends are praying for you. My church is praying for you. My friends in Japan, England, and Sweden are praying for you, and I'm about to send off a letter to my sponsor kids in Africa, to ask them to pray for you. And judging from the posts here and elsewhere, everyone's rooting for you.

Now go kick this thing's @$$.

ilja herb
8/8/2011 02:46:22 pm

Hi Bill and Maureen,
Thinking of you all, and cheering for you loud and proud. You are such a great man-with the gentlest of souls-keep fighting the strong fight we all know you will. Love and positive thoughts going out to you!


Dan & Laura Glass
8/9/2011 02:04:46 am

Bill, I'm not sure if we've met, but you and your family is in our family's thoughts.

Brian Burgess
8/9/2011 04:08:28 am

Hi Bill, not sure when our paths crossed, but I'm pretty sure they did either online or in the sim. Sounds like you have a great support network so hoping this will give you what you need to fight this illness. My thoughts are with and your family and know that your WestJet family is here for all of you as well. Brian Burgess

M Antony Brewer
8/9/2011 05:35:59 am

Hi Bill, I'm a pilot with WJ as well and can't say I've ever seen nor heard of you but your challenges now touch my heart. I wish you and your family all the strength and courage in the world.

Reggie Morisset
8/9/2011 03:30:25 pm

I can't think of anybody else I know who is more capable of fighting this thing than you.

Do what you do best, Bill: succeed.

...poor Glioblastoma, it picked the wrong person to mess with!

Monique Perreault
8/10/2011 01:09:22 am

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Lisa Koski
8/10/2011 01:15:49 am

Bill - we're sending you positive energy and super warm thoughts from Kelowna!!!! All the very best as you fight this and heal. It's been so long since we've talked, I can't wait until the celebratory "Bill Beat This" party so we can connect again!!! Looking forward to it!!!
Love to you and your family,
Love Lisa (& Marshall, Sarah and Luke)

Holly Quinlan & Shawn Roberts
8/10/2011 06:12:20 am

Bill - we both work for WestJet (Dispatcher and First Officer) and although our paths have never crossed, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Your WestJet family is thinking of you and we are all here for you.

Holly & Shawn

kevin dempsey
8/10/2011 12:14:28 pm

Sorry you guys have to deal with this thing. I'm sure you can.
Best wishes from Hong Kong
Kevin, Brooke, Natalie & Silas Dempsey

John & Tanya Rapier
8/10/2011 01:39:16 pm

Bill and Maureen,

We have never had the pleasure of meeting either but know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers. The courage you guys have shown is remarkable.
John & Tanya Rapier

Grant Hodgins
8/10/2011 01:42:07 pm

Bill - wishing you strength, patience and resounding success in your recovery. Our thoughts are with you and your beautiful family.

Grant + Julia Hodgins

Paul Johansson
8/11/2011 01:39:22 pm

Hi Bill,

I had so much fun hatching real estate plans with you at 40,000 feet. Remember we were almost neighbors!!!! Heard you got the "perfect" house that you were holding out for! I'm proud of you Bill! You are an excellent pilot and I enjoyed flying with you very much. My family wants you to know we are all pulling for you to beat this. Thinking of you and your family buddy!

Paul, Karen, Ava and Kate Johansson

Ben Snyders
8/12/2011 12:40:38 am


You and your family are an inspiration. Lance Armstrong fought his way back from cancer to achieve greatness. Fight like hell, live strong. We want to see you back in the seat.


Catherine Bourget
8/12/2011 01:27:55 am

Hi Bill and Maureen.

My thoughts and prayers are with you guys as you push through this together. Your courage is overwhelming!

Catherine Bourget

Morgan Black
8/12/2011 01:06:07 pm

Bill, Maureen and Family...much love and strength to to everyone right now.

8/15/2011 12:32:16 pm

Glad you are back home Bill. it is good to hear how much help and support you have, from the health centers in Victoria, and most importantly from your loving wife.

be strong, and if you need anything, dont hesitate to ask.

8/15/2011 04:12:00 pm

Can I "like" Dave Baker's comment: "You're Bill Effn Hann. Everyone loves you"!! Like! Bill, you are so loved, respected and cared for. There are so many people thinking about you and wishing for a healthy recovery for you. You are such an amazing person and I know you will beat this. I'm glad that you are getting such good care and I'm sending my support and strength for you and your family while you battle this.


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