Another long delay in apologies.

We have just finished the second round of ‘maintenance chemo’ and to say it has been a roller coaster would be an understatement.  In early November Bill had his first of six rounds of maintenance chemo.  This means  five days of chemo followed by twenty three days off.  Bill had tolerated the initial chemo fairly well so we began the first found feeling fairly confident.  We were put in our place quickly.  The dose this round was much higher and despite anti-nausea medication Bill was sick, sick, sick the first night.  Through trial and error we discovered when he could and couldn’t eat to keep the illness in check and the rest of the days were ok.  He finished the first round on a Tuesday and it was one of the best days I can remember him having in months.  Wednesday arrived and in 24 hours things turned 180 degrees.  He began sleeping 18-20 hours a day (more if I would let him) and his symptoms returned to a level that was very similar to the days directly after the biopsy surgery.  It was a very, very tough week.  We started him back on the steroid to control swelling (which he had been off for a few weeks) and eventually got in to see a doctor.  Dr. Bester, new to us, but wonderful (one of my favourites so far), quickly arranged an MRI and prepared me for the worst – tumour progression.  Bill had the MRI the following day and the results came back much better than we anticipated.  No new tumour growth – just new swelling.  Swelling is a major complication, but it is a much better option than a growing tumour as it can be treated with the steroids.  Just as things started to level out it was time for round two.  We got a much stronger anti-nausea this time and things went a lot better.  Bill is really tired as a result of the chemo but manages to maintain an amazing attitude.  The timing of the chemo is quite good as he will be two weeks post when Christmas arrives so we are hoping it will be a good day!    

Please keep your fingers crossed that this tumour keeps shrinking!

 Merry Christmas!

12/18/2011 03:38:28 pm

Wow! So good to hear that they are seeing positive results. You are a very, very supportive wife:) Thank you so much for the update! What a great idea to create the blog.

Tim Sawatzky
12/19/2011 01:21:36 am

Bill is lucky to have you by his side Maureen. Wishing your family the best this Christmas, and praying that the holiday weekend will be a special time of hope, peace, joy and love for your family.
Also praying for continual healing for Bill.
Merry Christmas!!

Shannon V
12/19/2011 02:53:16 am

Thank you for the new update, it is heartwrenching to think about what you are all going through. Bill's strength and your strength as a family is undoubtedly an inspiration to all. I am wishing you a peaceful and love-filled Christmas.

Tom M
12/19/2011 03:13:18 am

Maureen. You are amazing. Please let William know that he is always on my mind. And Ellen's as well. I've always been one of his biggest fans (though I know there are many) and I am very thankful that you have taken the time to keep us updated. You are amazing.

Lisa Palmer
12/19/2011 05:02:30 am

I hope ALL the best for you and Bill during this Holiday Season, enjoy the time with the kids. I pray for you that the good new continues...thinking of you often!!

Warren Randle
12/19/2011 07:57:01 am

We will keep praying for the small miracles as well as the big ones.Thankyou, Maureen for the update on Bill and your enormous fight.May God bless your whole family and give you peace and strength during Christmas. Your friends,-- Warren, Nora, Jacqueline, Shannon and Clara.

12/19/2011 12:28:13 pm

My fingers are crossed! Merry Christmas...thinkin about ya.

12/19/2011 09:44:08 pm

I think are prayers are being answered, maybe not quite a quickly as we had hoped for but non the less...answered. We will keep praying for you all. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and we hope and pray that the tumor will start to shrink! Love and Best Wishes

Joyce Leadbeater

John Olafson
12/20/2011 04:32:29 am

Thank you for your latest update Maureen. You are the champion of support and bill is fighting hard. My thoughts are with you both every time I see a WestJet passing overhead. Christmas blessings to you and the family.

Neil Aird
12/20/2011 06:05:05 am

Hey Maureen & Bill
So glad to see an update Maureen, I don't know how you do it, but thanks. Bill, you are always front and centre here, I keep your shot of Kingston from FL410 beside me here. I also see the image of your hand pointing out a feature as we zipped back to YVR from Coal Harbour, all those years ago.
Best wishes to you both as always, especially just now.

Neil and Danielle

Mat Geddes
12/20/2011 09:04:48 am

Sending you the light of the season! Much love to you and your family.

Brett & Pauline
12/20/2011 01:38:06 pm

Bill & Maureen,

It was a wonderful surprise to see you guys at Butchart Gardens taking in the christmas lights with your kids.

An early christmas present for Pauline and I, as you have been in our thoughts and prayers.

Brett & Pauline

Emily and Trevor
12/23/2011 01:21:44 am

Hey Maureen,
Best wishes during the holiday season, I hope you guys have a great Christmas and New Year's!

Emily and Trevor

Dan Boakes
1/4/2012 11:54:00 am


I first met Bill and worked with him for a few years at Harbour Air (as well as meeting you at a Harbour party or two) before we parted ways chasing those elusive flying jobs. Still in Toronto I am thinking, praying and wishing you, Bill and your kids the best possible start to the new year.


1/5/2012 10:12:33 pm

Hey Bill and Maureen,

Thanks for the updates and for keeping us posted on Bill's progress. I hope you guys had some good family time at Christmas. You guys are still in my thoughts and Prayers, and will continue to be. Take care, and hope the treatment continues to go well.


1/9/2012 04:15:07 pm

It is mid night but I'm trying out the iPod and so far not too bad. Good night.

1/9/2012 04:15:07 pm

It is mid night but I'm trying out the iPod and so far not too bad. Good night.

Heather Charland
1/11/2012 10:04:16 am

Thinking of you often Bill and Maureen. Stay strong and kick that tumor's ass!!!

1/14/2012 03:22:49 am

I hope the new year is bringing new hope and exciting results! You guys are always on my mind. We all appreciate the updates Maureen :)
xo Becca

Lin Enger
1/18/2012 02:00:46 am

It sounds like the chemo is slamming you hard Bill, but that is what it has to do to make you well. You are in our thoughts daily and we keep putting positive thoughts out there and asking our friends as well as many minds thinking the same positive vibe can only help. Keep up the fight Bill and may peace be with you and your family.
Lin & Ian

5/29/2012 10:24:01 am

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