I wanted to update things as we head into the biopsy on Monday (July 25th).  Everything we have been doing until now has being working towards this ever-so-important event.   The plan will be to place a small needle into my brain allowing them to take a sample of my brain tissue.  The brain tissue should tell them everything they need to know about the tumour and how treatable it is and what steps will be next.

Once the biopsy is complete we are looking at about four to six weeks before starting into treatment.  During that time they will analyze the tumour right down to its DNA level in order to create the most detailed plan of attack.  I hope to be back with an update later next week after with preliminary ideas as to what we’re up against.  I will certainly try to keep everyone in the loop.

The main problem with keeping everyone informed is that the process of writing my blog is challenging.  Typing can be ridiculously challenging and that is just the way this tumour is affecting my brain functions.  It is frustrating and time consuming but it seems to be testing my mental fortitude and I have never backed away from a good challenge.

Thank you again for all of the well wishes. I know that I’ve mentioned it a few times but the support remains a hope and inspiration for both Maureen and myself.  And I keep remembering my college and friend Reggie who said: “Remember: You’re Bill effing Hann”.   And for that I not let it win.

7/22/2011 02:19:46 pm

Your friend Reggie sounds like a smart guy!

In thoughts

David Baker
7/22/2011 09:59:12 pm

I couldn't believe it when I first read this! Our thoughts are for you and your family. Keep fighting Bill effn Hann!

Blaine Brown
7/23/2011 01:05:10 am

I meant what I said when we talked. Anything at all, just say the word.

athina velonis
7/23/2011 06:07:53 am

My thoughts are with you and Maureen. Thank you for courageously keeping us updated.

John Olafson
7/24/2011 02:54:37 am

Bill, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You have the courage to fight this. Get well.

John and Peggy
Vernon BC

Clive Scott
7/24/2011 05:31:45 am

Hello Bill and Maureen, Just heard about the challenge you are facing and you courage and attitude are an inspiration to us all. If it is some small help I have known two pilots over the years who beat the dragon and returned to flying. The one fellow, Reid Johnson, had an extremely poor prognosis, and I fully believe his relentless determination and the love and support of family and friends were the key. If there is any thing Emma and I can do please let us know. I fully expect to be flying a rotten old 5 day pairing with you again! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Clive Scott
250 818-2829

Joe Henderson
7/24/2011 06:12:06 am

Hey Bill and fam,

Awesome attitude. Lots of respect going your way. Please advise if I can help with any house things, or what have you.

Joe. 250 216 0254

Emily Mouat
7/24/2011 06:20:23 am

Good luck tomorrow Bill, Maureen, and family, we are wishing you the best possible results and our thoughts will be with you!
Emily and Trevor

7/25/2011 02:21:18 am

Thinking good thoughts for you guys today!!

Doug Bonfield
7/25/2011 04:18:28 am

Tania and I are thinking about you today. We hope everything goes smoothly.

Live strong

7/25/2011 07:14:31 am

Been thinking about you guys all day. Hope everything went well. Hoping for some positive news for you. I admire your strength and positive attitude - I know it will serve you well in the days and weeks to come.


Warren Randle
7/26/2011 03:39:18 am

Dear Bill, Maureen and Family, please know that everyone in this house has agreed to pray for your family’s continued strength and Bill’s recovery, as of yesterday when we learned of this. Bill, from your blog, you seem way ahead of the game psychologically. This , along with the wonderful support from your wife, family and friends will definitely get you through this.I can say from my own experience, though everyone and every case is different, that your cancer will have no chance in this fight. The photograph and wonderful card from you and your family still proudly hang above the entrance to our livingroom. In fact, every card and letter we received are still on the walls . There they will probably stay. They keep me “grounded”. Every day they remind us of our surprise several years ago, that taught us not only how precious life is , but just how precious our family and friends are. God bless you, Bill, and your beautiful family. I will keep checking for news of your treatment and progress. –Your Friends Always--- Warren, Nora, Jacqueline, Shannon, and Clara.


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