We have received Bill’s most recent MRI results and things are looking up!  Bill’s tumour has shrunk noticeably!  It is still a large tumour but given the possibilities of growth, no change or reduction in size we were delighted to learn it was smaller.  This type of cancer is apparently very tricky and each person responds differently to treatment so there was no predicting beforehand how it would look.

After a month break from treatment Bill begins chemotherapy again on Friday.  He will be on a repeating schedule of 5 days of chemo followed by 23 days off for the next six months.     As most of you know, chemo is incredibly hard on the body so the thought of beginning another round is daunting but we are pulling all our strength together in an effort to prepare!

Overall Bill is doing much better.  We’ve been able to cut his steroid dose (used to control the swelling) by 75% and hope to take him off it completely in the next few weeks.   He still struggles with finding the right words at times and his strength and stamina are not what they were but he is trying to maintain a reasonable level of activity.  One of the biggest sources of frustration for Bill has been the loss of ability to read and write (aphasia).  There have been days recently where he has been able to read a little bit and we understand that many patients who receive speech-language therapy are able to regain these skills so we remain hopeful!  Unfortunately Bill’s visual deficits have remained and our oncologist feels they are likely a result of the biopsy surgery not the tumour and therefore are permanent. 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, thoughts and prayers.  Please keep them coming and hopefully his next MRI will show further reduction!

11/2/2011 01:50:26 pm

I am so happy to hear that you are finally experiencing some positive results and I continue to send you happy thoughts and positive energy. Stay strong and take care.

Kevin Dempsey
11/2/2011 01:59:08 pm

Keep going Bill. You can do it!

Jen Talbot Nixon
11/2/2011 02:52:45 pm

My thoughts are with you guys. I'm so happy to hear that the results have been positive. Your strength is an inspiration. Keep on going - you've got tonnes of support behind you. Maureen, let me know how the meal situation is and I'll come by with some dinner. Sending you positive thoughts...xox

Laurie Brown
11/2/2011 03:22:24 pm

So glad that you guys are finally getting some good news for a change! You've been so strong and courageous so far, keep your positivity for this next round. Wishing you all the best, and sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

Lorraine Barton
11/2/2011 04:38:10 pm

Hello Bill,

I am Craig Carefoot's Mom. We weren't introduced but you and your family were at my Granddaughter Shea's birthdsy party at Goldstream Park last month.Wonderful news of the tumor shrinking!

God bless! I have been praying for you constantly. We prayed for you at our church tonight. I/we will continue to pray til this tumor and the damage it has done is gone. You will beat this!

I constantly check your blog for updates. The reports will be glowing. I pray for peace and strength for you both.

Lorraine Barton

Patti Juengst
11/2/2011 10:56:34 pm

Wow that is so great! I am so happy for the whole family!

11/3/2011 12:21:56 am

Hello Bill and Maureen,
We too have been following your blog and hoping to see great news like this, we are so happy that the tumour is shrinking. As you prepare to undergo chemo, you may want to check out Inspire Health, its an integrated cancer care clinic that provides medical and complementary services to help cancer patients as they undergo chemo, radiation or surgery. They have been operating in Vancouver since 1997 and have just opened a regional clinic in Oak Bay. The physician services are covered by MSP and there are other integrated services that can be covered by a benefits plan or privately, depending on what someone feels is the best option for them once they are informed. If you check out their website, inspirehealth.ca, find the Integrated Cancer Care guide and it will explain in detail how they may be able to help you. They have sp

11/3/2011 12:26:50 am

Sorry the ipad froze before I was done with the last post. Inspire Health is evidence based, many of the suggested therapies can help with things like side effects from chemo and trying to keep the body as physically strong as possible during treatment and recovery. Please check it out so you know what they may be able to do to help you.

Christine and Herman Kwan.
11/3/2011 05:23:15 am

This is wonderful news Maureen! We are so happy that there is more treatment coming which will lead to more tumour shrinkage. We think about you every single day.

Darren Legault
11/3/2011 10:07:13 am

Sylvie and I are thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way. Keep fighting and try to keep your head up.

Darren & Sylvie

Melanie Monrad
11/3/2011 02:00:27 pm

Hi Maureen! I was happy to hear the latest news that the tumour is shrinking. I tried to call you tonight, but got a wrong number. It is hard to know when and if to call. Tonight I was going to just give it a try. Anyhow, send me your new contact info. I would love to say "hi" to you! msmonrad@gmail.com. Take care and continue the fight!

Shannon V
11/3/2011 03:41:35 pm

Excellent news, thinking of you and your family lots. Thank you for the amazing blog updates.

Warren Randle
11/4/2011 06:31:24 am

That is wonderful news!Good work, Bill-- as expected you are making me look like a wimp!It is a little daunting when I contemplate my next treatment, but with you working so hard and doing so well, I know I can count on Nora and the kids to remind me!May God bless you and your beautiful family, Bill.We will continue to pray for you all.Thanks again for the great news.

Maureen Shojania
11/5/2011 03:52:27 am

Glad to hear the good news!
We have been thinking about you and your family, and are sending our positive energy and strength!

All the best,
Maureen and Nima Shojania

Clive Scott
11/5/2011 11:18:49 am

So glad to hear there is good news! We think of you daily and know you will beat this!

Emily Mouat
11/7/2011 01:40:14 am

It is great to hear that things are looking up, we were so happy to hear about the MRI results! Best wishes to you and your family from Trevor and I.

11/7/2011 06:32:09 am

Hi Guys,
I am thrilled to hear that there is a "glimmer of hope"!!! We are holding your family in our prayers. Keep up all the hard work!
xo Becca & Family

Rob Lee
11/8/2011 06:48:29 pm

Good to hear the positive news, keep it up Bill! I'm down in the Maldives flying the Hog again for a couple months and I try and check your blog every few days. Stay positive Mister!

John Olafson
11/10/2011 07:11:29 am

Thanks for the update Maureen. Good news finally and we all continue to keep positive thoughts going your way Bill

11/11/2011 01:59:43 am

So happy to read about the shrinking tumor. You will all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Sonya, FOJ (friend of Joelle)

11/14/2011 04:43:34 am

Great to hear the latest results - thinking about you guys

11/15/2011 10:14:19 pm

Dear Bill and Maureen, The girls in Pilot Training have been thinking of you and your family constantly and are sending hugs your way. Thank you Maureen for taking the time to keep us all updated on your journey through this. Keep fighting!!! Brenda

Lin Enger
11/19/2011 12:47:06 am

I was thrilled to read that great news!!
We think of you daily and continue to put out positive thoughts of healing and peace. It will happen,with so many of us sending the same message to the ether.Thank-you for the updates and stay strong.
Lin & Ian

11/19/2011 12:50:29 pm

Bill and Maureen,
Thank you for the updates. You are in the Brennan families thoughts and prayers each and every day. Bill I ate Kale chips today, and thought about you suffering through your greens!!! Stay strong my friend. We miss your smile at work.

Sam and Sharon

David Wattam
11/19/2011 01:47:34 pm

Hi Maureen, I joined WestJet with Bill in 2008 and was so sorry to hear of his diagnosis. Have been following your blog and I am pleased there is some good news. Please say hi to Bill for me and tell him I am thinking of him during the tough time ahead.
Best wishes.
Dave Wattam

11/22/2011 04:33:44 pm

PORK SUPPORT! You know its got your back !

Mark and Pauline Jones
11/29/2011 11:20:47 am

So good to hear the positive news - keep up the fight Bill - you have so many people loving you, supporting you and sending all the positive energy we can muster...
Mark and Pauline

Mike Wright
11/30/2011 03:59:22 am

Glad to hear that news. Thanks for the update. As always I am thinking of you and your family. I learned so much from you Bill bombing up and down BC's west coast in the good old beech 1900! Stay strong.

Brad Tocher
12/2/2011 11:19:31 am

Glad to hear the good news. Enjoyed the aviation pictures on your website. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. Great flying with you. Cheers Brad

12/10/2011 02:05:23 am

If anyone can beat this thing it's you Bill. Be strong.

Allison Rettie
12/10/2011 02:24:12 am

Hi Bill & Maureen,

I just became aware of Bill's condition and your blog this morning...(I used to work with Bill - 'Billiam' as I used to call him - in the good ol' days at Harbour Air). I am keeping you in my prayers Bill, along with you, Maureen, and the rest of your family. Stay Strong!

"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." Cor.13:7-8

10/5/2013 02:24:41 am

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